Apr 29, 2009

The magic of love !!!

The heart beats got faster .He could hear himself taking a deep breath for each and every Milli second . He convinced himself that it must be because he had run almost a kilometer . Few seconds later he knew for sure it was not because of that . She was coming.... He could see her through the minute gaps between the trees of the garden which stood between him and the next street. The flowers seemed to be mocking at him as they kept moving with the gentle breeze , hiding her face and when he moved to see her, they followed . Well must be because they were jealous . Not must be , Certainly they are jealous of my sandya ...my own sandya - he thought .A chill breeze swept across him....

Sandya had joined the school a month back . Her father had got a transfer from ooty to chennai . And the day he saw her he knew she was special . It was something beyond his comprehension . He used to spend the entire day watching her ... her little nose,her cute ponytail , her round eyes which spoke a strange language understood only by him , and each and every time she pushed the two strands of hair which covered her forehead , his heart would skip a beat . It was a strange feel . And when she smiled it was even more stranger.... Felt like something was stirring inside him , and it became stronger and stronger .He felt the void in his heart and sometimes the deep chasm seemed to deepen further. He forgot the entire world , it was just her . Sandya ...as the name echoed through the tunnels of his heart , he slipped into a trance ...maybe nirvana or maybe something more pure , more divine and beautiful...

"Hi , I am sandya. Can we be friends " his angel had cast a spell on him two weeks back ...They shook hands . And it slowly transformed into those never ending phone conversations ,those secret glances , those you-are-more-than-my-friend dialogs , those innocuous happy-married-life dreams and those ever sweet "I love you "dialog rehearsals before the mirror....

The chill breeze brought him back .
"Hey , sandy ...wait..What a surprise . Long time...So how was your day ", he called out.
"We spoke for three hours yesterday . That's a pretty long time I guess " she replied notoriously but he was already lost in her eyes ..

He strolled along with her while she kept talking . But somehow he could never hear . He always kept getting lost in her eyes . But however he heard what those round little eyes had to say. Only he could hear those ....

He kept walking beside her slowing his steps to suit hers . She was a bit slow . But even the rhythmic movements of her walk added to the tranquility. And suddenly the back of her palm brushed against his unknowingly . He felt an indescribable dizziness inside his head . A cold wave swept across him and he couldn't make out whether he was still in the ground or flying . "Is this heaven ", he wondered...He just looked upto the sky and wondered why people thought it was up there . A drop of rain splashed on his eyes .It had started drizzling. He knew it for sure now . He was in heaven ...

"Oye , dumbo . Do u love rains "she asked ..

"ya "...but not just the rains he mumbled to himself ...

She kept kicking at the water, which eventually landed on him .
"ha ha " she laughed .Different forms of mesmerism he thought .

In a few minutes it started pouring .
"Lets stand under the shade near that house "he told her secretly thanking the rain god .
"But why go that far . We will stand here " she replied . But before that he had almost reached the place and she had no option but to follow.

"How nice it would be if we could have some hot coffee ..."she shivered.There was not a single soul in the entire lonely street leave alone a chai-wallah .

"Do you believe in magic " he asked her..

"Ya , sometimes "...

"Then just close your eyes " he winked .

A few minutes later there she was sitting on a couch with a hot cup of coffee in her hand .

"Idiot , I will kill you . You never bloody told me that it was your home " she laughed .

"Shut up princess ..How is the coffee " he smiled ...

"Not bad Mr magician. You make decent coffees too " she gave her cutest smile till date ...

"By the way , what happened to your mom MR MAGICIAN "

" I made her vanish for I wanted some time alone with my princess " he smiled mischievously .

The laughs continued ...

He just got reminded that she was wet and went inside and took a towel . He wanted to play around and so concealed the towel at the back of his hands . He went near her . She looked at him. . She was beautiful as always .

"Oye ..I ..umm ..err." he fumbled ...she knew it . He could see it in her eyes .
"I thought you would be better off if you could use the towel " he stammered .

She took the towel threw it back and stood staring at him. She looked as if she had landed straight from heaven . She took a step towards him for another step would mean she would have to pass through him.

"So MR MAGICIAN ...tell me " ...Her mesmerizing voice echoed .

"Do you believe in magic " he again asked her ...

She just stared without replying .

He just took her palms and placed it on his heart .

"What do u feel "

She closed her eyes for a second and then looked into his eyes . It said everything . He didn't need her to talk sometimes .

"Now I shall be telling you the magic words . Listen to it carefully and repeat ."

"Ya . I am listening " she whispered .

"I love you " he said ...

There was a strange prolonged silence . Didn't know whether it was from the calm-before-storm feelings inside his heart or from the stillness of the atmosphere outside .
He looked at her . She still had her soft rosy palms on his heart . He felt a slight shiver in her palms . A little drop of of tear which was hiding itself in her heavenly pupil came down ...

"I love you too " she whispered . And she smiled innocently ...

Click ...The eternal and everlasting moment was photographed by a lightning .

He just placed his hands on her palms on top of his heart and said " Jee Boom Ba !!" he lifted her palms ...." My heart is no more here . Its all yours ......."

He gently blew away the two beautiful strands of hair across her forehead and looked into her eyes .

Resembling the motion of a flower swaying in the zephyr , she gently came forward , kissed him and whispered into his ears " I love you my dear MAGICIAN ..."

The magic is done . The magic of love .


  1. well written... the intensity beautifully captured... keep it up bro!

  2. honestly speaking ...I was inspired by your stories .and thanks a ton again..

  3. heyy arun awsum da!!had a magical experience reading it!!

    PS: Indha build up podhuma illa innum konjam venuma lol

    Jokes apart awsum dude!!keep it goin!!

  4. this post surely does strike a chord :):):)...

  5. Hi Arun,
    nice blog. gr8 pic. aesthetically pleasing.
    keep it up

  6. @pallavi
    dont know whether you are praising or pulling my leg...anyway thanks alot..
    @vaishu & sudhir
    Thanks a ton for the support and your time...

  7. Nice one da...Very Gud way of expressing LOVE...
    Arun manasukulla evalu kadhala...

  8. I see a writer in the making here. :P

    Keep up the good work!!