Apr 18, 2009

Aaa-ha moments

This post is inspired by the MOOV ad where a young model passing of as a mother of two, bends with her broom stick to clean , and the expected 'sprain ' catches up with her back and she gives an 'aaaaa' sound followed by her caring husband bringing moov for her and she concludes Aaa-ha ...and as the tag goes "AAA muthal Aaa-ha varai "...

There are lot of moments in our life where we get that Aaha feel ( other than when you use moov)...Be it those moments when a beautiful girl sits near you in a share auto ( probability is 0% in chennai but 100% in kolkatta ) , an unexpected phone call from a long time friend (and the aaha becomes aaaaaaha when its from someone of the opposite sex) , when you just-pass in an exam which you have done very badly , when the shopkeeper gives you a 10 Rs note extra by mistake , when you go to a movie to find your friend and his gf sitting in front of you and doing the censored stuff and you stay silent and pounce on him in the interval and say " macha , nice movie da " with a wicked smile and enjoy the rest of the movie while he wont be able to, when the bus jerks and a second later you find a beautiful girl lying on your lap ( sounds cinematic ...but trust me it happened to me ...good old 41D) , when you forget to take the porn movie cd from your drive and suddenly remember and return back just in time before your brother does , when you cry watching a movie ( two possibilities it might be after watching an extremely bad one like ananda thandavam- in fact that's an ayoo moment rather than an aaha one or a damn good one like 7g rainbow colony ) , when you release gas and your friend is branded as the culprit ( according to the law of one-who-releases-gets-the-smell-first theory) , and the list is endless .

I am still in my nostalgia mode and I am still yet to recover from my previous "3rd standard "story. So just continuing with the feel of it ...

It was the rainy season in chennai . ( trust me , I am not lying, we do have a rainy season ) . Jumping across the small potholes filled with water , few times missing the mark ending up splashing some water on my feet , few times landing correctly , I kept walking with the drizzling raindrops falling on my face . The mesmerising smell of the fresh sand , people running here and there with umbrellas , the leaves of the trees which looked so green and suddenly pour a shower on you when the wind blew across , the cycles which splashed the water on innocent by walkers , and the heavenly dark clouds which seem to be engulfing the entire sky ....The rainy season though scarce is always a delight . I prodded my way through the delightful streets , splashing the water with my Hawaii slippers , and a few times trying a la maradona style kick across the water ...I was on my way to school . I was in my fourth standard . Thank god ( else I would have been sleeping under my bed sheet because the school was closed for students up to 3rd standard and would have missed all these).

"Hi da. Why da, so late " asked my friend visu ."My cycle had a punctured tyre . So had to walk all the way " , I replied . Inside the class , few of my friends were wearing their sweater , and I could see opened umbrellas and raincoats hanging at the corner of the room . And there was a unique fragrance, courtesy the rainy season , which always filled my senses with a strange sense of delight .

The classes had begun and somehow the first 3 periods passed of without me even realizing them. and then came the good news . Nalini miss was absent . So the next two hours would be free . "Ooooooooo" we gave a boisterous shout . And as always , any classroom without a teacher would easily put even the mariyamma-song-playing loudspeakers during the amman season to shame ...Our class was no exception .
The commotion became loud louder loudest.

As luck would have it , the most feared Mrs mathilda miss was in our next class . Within few minutes the party had ended ....The fear had come true . As we all stood shell shocked , Mrs Matilda stood to her reputation and after 5 minutes or so of heavy blood-same-blood-type scolding we were all asked to stand up on the bench ( the basis for the 'primary education ' system in India ) .

Thank god she left . Standing on the bench was much better and we were much used to it compared to the scoldings . One hour passed by and I felt a strange feel .Well not exactly a strange feel , I wanted to answer nature's call . I looked at my friend's mickey mouse watch . The clock struck 12 and it also struck me that there was one more hour left to go . Oh...no...

Phew , I looked around . Everyone seemed deeply engrossed in their own thinking . 15 minutes passed ...well , thats it , I decided and walked straight to the other class and said "Excuse me".
I met the angry and ferocious eyes of Mrs matilda . I explained . "Get lost and don't move till the next period ".....oh ....no.......

I came back and stood . Tried lifting the right leg . no effect . then left. no effect . bent a bit forward . a bit backward ...No respite .

30 minutes passed . Looked back again at the Mickey mouse watch . Never knew the second hand was so slow . Cursed the one who invented such a slow second hand to my hearts content and again stood . 40 minutes had passed . 20 more left to go . But I guess that was it . I couldnt control

A nauseating stinking smell surrounded the room . The decibel levels of the giggles slowly started increasing . The smell was spreading all over . The class got into the whisper mode and I could hear them .Oh god . Why did this happen . I just pulled up my guts and just turned around .And I saw my friend rajesh with droplets dripping from his trousers and tears falling across his cheeks ...

"Oh god ...What have you done " , Mrs matilda exclaimed .

A few minutes later , there was the happiest man on earth , standing tall and proud , in one of the most disgusting and smelliest place on the face of earth - our school toilet .....Phew ....Finally ...What a relief ........Aaaaaaaaaaaaa-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

A truly memorable Aaa-haa moment . Aaaa-haaaaaaa

I guess you must also be recollecting your aaha moments . These moments add to the flavors of life complementing the phrase "Life is beautiful" . Perhaps most of us will fail to recognise those moments when it happened dismissing them as insignificant , but however few moments just stay beyond time carving out the words 'eternal' in the colorful canvas of our lives . Keep enjoying these simple but beautiful Aaha moments ....and in case u loved this post drop an Aaha in the comments...lol


  1. good one....i bet this post will strike a chord for all ur readers!!! :)

    keep blogging!!!

  2. Liar,i knw it would have been you who had pissed on ur pants and not ur friend.Shld ask ur classmates to find out the truth.Hee hee,
    Anywayz cool writing da!Keep it up!

  3. dai it wasnt me ...Now that u have suspected me its time to for the truth...it was our king kong visu ...for decency , I didnt put his name...now in case he ever gets to read this I am dead