Apr 7, 2009


Well before I go further into my next post I need to introduce the gang to you people .

bajji aka azhagu
(non-native speakers may pronounce it as alagu as it would sound stylish and apt for our leader ) :

Mr azhagu holds the most coveted position of the gang leader with his responsibilities involving planning the outings , getting the gang together , playing the mediator and of course the only one who can listen to neela and vani patiently . In his free time he has authored many books in the MADE EASY SERIES like "CORRECTING FIGURES MADE EASY " , "BECOMING HANDSOME MADE EASY" and you name the topic and you have the 'made easy series' by Mr balaji ....He is a living example of the adidas logo nothing is impossible, for I had been with him when he took us to saarang and got us ten tickets for a Shankar Mahadeven show whose tickets were sold out a month ago .(mind you ,we went there just an hour before)...He is a record holder under anna university for the maximum exploitation of re-evaluation technique for passing . I am sure he will make it big in life for his attitude is worth its weight in gold .

arvind aka daddy :

Rock star , model , playboy are all the adjectives that he would want to describe himself with ...Though we have never ever heard him play guitar for always there is some problem with the tuning or the song but somehow he has made us believe that he is a rockstar in the making ...god knows how he managed that..other than that he has acted in a few b grade albums which never released . He spends most of the time in damage control mode against the various ineffective tactics used by neela while fighting with him .and his one liners are pretty famous " naanga ellam yaaru ....raja da" ...lol...On a serious note , a great guy to be with , a true rockstar at heart , the embodiment of patience and in case you guys have given up on life because you have been scolded very badly by your gf , hold , look down no more , its time you called this guy .A very ambitious guy (to the extent that we plan to open a soup stall or a tea kadai one day ), and loves flirting with girls ( anything from venthathu to vegathathu as long as its a gal excepting for the bollywood gay poppy) ...Well thats daddy in a nut shell for you guys .

Dinesh a.k.a DB

The brainiest in our gang , has the knack of cracking any exam under the sun by putting the least effort (if any at all) ...Db was responsible for increasing my english vocabulary by a count of one . For without him I would never have known the meaning of 'stoic' . Lazy smart bugger is what I would call him . Unperturbed by whatever is the situation and giving his lazy smile , he is ready for any outing anytime . His dream is to become a tamil movie producer . And not a single day passes when I dont pray for his wish to come true because in case he ever does become a producer then I know what I would be asking from him as a treat(I am already drifting into my dreams ) ...lol ..and thats exactly why he wants to be a producer...

harish a.k.a suppy or chappai( vani's version ...no pun intended ...lol) :

In this world , where innocence is considered a taboo , this guy brings us a welcome sigh of relief . If ever there was a poll on the most innocent person in the world , he would be topping it . Suppy is the superman of our gang . The man has got a fan club in orkut and the proud owner of our gangs ferrari (the green colored zen) . Has the knack of shouting( rather whispering) at people on the road in such a way that he himself can hardly hear it . Mostly he is deeply contemplating about something or atleast thats what it looks like or is on a trip to some temple . He has been a regular visitor of gym ( yup , just a visitor) ...famous for the day when he fainted after lifting an empty rod without weights . All said , he is one of the most inevitable member of the gang .Summing it up his tagline would be


aka sani (cow dung) :

"Mother vani " as she rightly calls herself has nothing to do with mother theresa and simply signifies her 'age defying looks'( believe me she is 24 though you think she is 60) . She is the typical do gooder and has the honor of being responsible for the formation of couples inside our gang. At the first look you would dispose her off as lady villain from one of the tamil flicks but on knowing her better you would realize she is far more dangerous ( coz her mokkais and cribbings are highly injurious to your ears ) . Though she tells us she studied in Church park . We still have our doubts as to whether she was referring the corporation school behind that. Jokes apart, a true gem of a person . always there for everyone in the gang and without her honestly the gang would never have happened .She is currently a -'maarketing caard inator ' (or thats how she says ) in boron - a company whose name she will never ever be able to pronounce correctly .

Neela aka crybaby

A true church park product , 100 % peter , known for crying at the drop of a hat, she adds to the diversity of different characters in the gang . A very caring ,hardworking and a nice person , she belongs to the padips category .Without her tantrums thrown at daddy , our gang outings would never have been so lively . Crazy about getting photographed , has a great photogenic face and the moment you take your camera out, she is right there in front of you with a great smile and a 30 degree slant of the head (see the pic and you would understand ) . Has the habit of inviting the gang to the most unusual of events like 'ear piercing of her sister's daughter ' etc...My only companion when it comes to eating non veg , she is yet another gem to the gang.

Manju aka RAMU

She is our gangs version of Ramalinga Raju . Be it getting duplicate project bills , her so called temple visits , her hair straightening- everything points to a raju in the making . Known for her knack of pulling of lies in such a refreshing manner , she is so addicted to telling lies that she would rather hide under her bed at her home and tell her mom that she would be coming late rather than telling her that she is very much at home..lol..But having said all this , her attitude towards life , is probably what everyone must learn from her . Be it whatever that life gives her , she doesnt complain ,rather goes about chasing her dreams and finally does fulfill it..A true winner in life , and honestly there could be no other better example for perseverance and the strength of love. I am still left pinching myself , unable to believe that she has left to the US for ......umm...anyway all said , great going manju ...

divya aka dubai :
She is married . So no comments ...

and of course me. I guess I need no introduction to you.


(" we are all dumb asses but we shall never accept that")

Well that's it about the gang .These guys are the most important people in my life . They were an integral part of the eventful life I had in SVCE. Now that you are familiar with the members of my gang please do proceed with the story that follows ...


  1. haah!!.. nice one arun!. Miss all of you.

  2. i am really JJJEALOUS of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. awsume da arun...hehe...cudnt stop laughing wen i read dis sitting in a class!!he he!!
    my god...i actually went out of the room to laugh out loudly and then came back...felt like one of the beach outings where we kept laughing the whole time wid all this kalai...

  4. No words to describe ur sense of humour da!!
    A sensational humorous writing.Laughed throughout!!Keep it up da.Kudos