May 23, 2009

Smile please !!!

What do you do when the person who taught you to walk , walks away from the world in front of your eyes ?

What do you do when your best friend walks away with the one you loved the most ?

What do you do when your last respite , your gang of friends , break up all of a sudden ?

What do you do when you meet with an accident which almost took your life and leaves you with a scarred face ?

What do you do when your marks go plummeting and you start thinking you are a loser?

What do you do when all of this happen at the same time ?

What do you when you don't have a single soul whom you can call and say " my life is fucked " ?

What do you do when in spite of all this you are supposed to make people laugh while you are crying within ?


Give up ......

That's precisely what I did 4 years back .

Sometimes life seems to be so cruel that it keeps delivering blows one after the other . I fell down . And it hurt . While I tried to stand up . There was yet another blow . Much stronger and more painful . I still tried to stand . But only to be put down by yet another blow . I didn't know what to do . I was lost . Someone told me "never love someone with all your heart . It hurts " .. I laughed . But now everything had changed . It really hurt . And for once I couldn't rebuff it since I knew the pain . Days passed with the strange loneliness and the stone like heart getting even more harder .

It was yet another day in the february of 2005 , when floyd was playing from the speakers at the corner of my room . And slowly as I got lost in the music , I looked out through the balcony , staring at my orphaned dust coated unicorn , which looked like a lost soul searching for an oasis in the middle of the desert .

A year back it meant the whole life to me . I still remember the way I used to clean , one speck of dust and I would be vigorously rubbing it with all might immediately till it shone at par with the rest of the bike. One scratch and I would have sleepless nights as if someone had hurt me . A small sound from the bike and I would make the life of the mechanic , hell .The feelings of joy that I got the first time I gave the throttle ,the silent vroom sound it made when it started , The feeling of owning a bike , the proud trips across the city roads ,the bends we made together ...priceless ..." Honey I am not going to forget you after all I still do love you " I thought to myself trying to push aside the loneliness which had engulfed me .

A few minutes later , it was us , taking a ride through the roads of heaven or so it felt . The sun shone brightly , the traffic snared and we slowly beat each and every vehicle consoling each other and the much needed hope seemed to be coming from each other . We screeched to a halt as the lights had gone red .

I adjusted my coolers and casually glanced across . The heart beats stopped for a second . A waft of cool breeze scurried across the hot afternoon and swept across me . Standing at the front of the signal right across me on the other side was someone in a red scooty . A churidhar which was a combination of blue and white , lovely brown eyes , curved eyebrows , a flawless perfection which took the form of her face , the silky black hair that seemed to flow and a cute crooked nose . Well that was the nearest , I ever will get to see God . She casually kept playing with her hair as my heart fluttered .. I prayed that she should take her left since I was going that way and that would mean I could savor her beauty for a few more precious minutes . The signal turned green for her . I waited with bated breath . She slowly gave the throttle and the angel just went past me . And as unlucky as I could get , she took her right . But while she passed across me , she turned maybe for a second or lesser than that , and she gave a smile . Must have been the mildest version of a smile but still she gave smile . I fell in love instantaneously . Slowly she faded as the distance between us grew and she merged with the traffic . "honk" a loud noice brought me back to life and I gave my throttle and slowly crossed the signal taking the right , exactly the opposite road she had taken .

Well ,though , this was probably the shortest love story I ever had or would probably not qualify for a story but it taught me one important thing . I still could love . I could love with the same passion and intensity though it was just for a minute . Hope was back again . There still was more to life beyond what I was seeing . And though the entire world I personally knew had given up on me , a smile from mysterious stranger had brought me back to life . How strange , but how true ....

Sometimes even the smallest of gestures from a stranger can completely change your life . So whatever be the problems in our life never forget to smile . You never know who might be falling in love with your smile . And irrespective of whether you are black , white , ugly , fat, lean , tall , short or anything else , the remedy is not in a fairness cream or a weight loss medicine , its much more cheaper and easily available . Its in your smile . Just a simple , straight-from-the-heart smile and you are the most beautiful person on the world . And you never know whose life you might just be changing .

So , keep smiling , come what may...

It's been 4 years and I still search for her everytime I cross the signal ...and maybe one fine day........(smiles...)


  1. Wonderful work... One of the best i hav read for sometime now... Loved it... Cheers Bro!

  2. thanks arindham...great to know that u liked it...keep visiting...cheers

  3. good work Arun...... Loved it

  4. An interesting blog da..I liked the way u transformed the topics frm sad/dull beginning to
    a gud,encouraging,positive ending....Really very gud da...I would like to see many more such awesome writings frm u...Plz do write more da and don make this the last one for this month bcoz i cant wait for one more week :)

  5. truely & deeply original....good stuff...
    keep smiling..guess more comments are yet to come :):):):)

  6. Awesome one=) to begin wit, yes d care n passion for bikes!!!! i really keep wonderin til date as to y guys love their bikes as passionately as their gal firends(or infact more than that!!! ve seen it wit my dad n bro too!!) Not all are movie heroes to keep achievin in all that they ve their hands on, by the end of the day!!!!! I can very easily relate myself to ur article!!!All of us face failures at some point of time or d other!!! V take few of them to the depth of the heart, deep enuf to pull our spirits down... only those trivial things which v din pay much attention to, all this while wil help us make a comeback!!!!!:-) ur post script is unbeatable n is sooo cute!!!!

  7. @jagadeeshwari
    That was the best and most detailed comment that I have ever received . Thanks a ton . You made my day :)...n do keep coming back
    Thank you ppl for the response . I am forever indebted to you guys . Do keep coming .