May 8, 2009

Those li'l things in life !!!

"One of the greatest matches in the history of world wrestling federation is about to unfold in front of your eyes - JOHN CENA vs BIG SHOW "...

"Its a do or die match for me ...I somehow got to beat the menacing and unbeatable CENA ," I thought to myself as I was preparing for my bout .

"You will definitely lose .Do you want to quit before the match .This is your last chance ," my seven year old brother gave me a stern warning with a cute-baleful look ( obviously the irony coz it comes from a seven year old and if you dont trust me look at the pic).
Well , it was the yet-another-eventful-weekend where both me and my bro were getting ready for our championship match . It had become a regular ritual .

The JOHN CENA was obviously my invincible bro -
age : 7
matches played :6
matches won : 6
Chest : Hardly covers the rib cage
biceps : 10 cms to be precise
abs : got a round lovely single pack
hates : school ,homework , environmental science , books , me ( i.e Batista , Big show , undertaker...keeps changing every week ) , milk ...
likes : video games , cartoon network , spiderman , superman and all the various versions of 'whatever-mans' , ice creams , wwf , John Cena , trying his newly learned stunts against the poor 'me' ...

Well his name was always the same while mine used to change every week . This week I was supposed to be BIG SHOW ( Partly because of my increase in weight recently ,thanks to the sacrifice from the delicious race of 'KOZHI' Aka 'CHICKENS ') ...

And the referee , none other than the sweetest person in the world - my mom.

This time it was an 'I QUIT' match ( for those who have grown old and lost touch with the once-upon-a-time-wwf-craze an I QUIT match is a match where the the one who says "I quit" first is the loser ...)

With the winamp player thumping the theme music of John Cena, my bro enters the room looks around towards the four walls , raises his arms dreaming about the 1 lakh plus crowd cheering him . And finally he gets into the ring (i.e my bed which has witnessed all the violence and glories of the previous weeks ).

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii" he shouts and pounces on me. the fight has begun . He gives me a punch and then a kick . My mom shouts " Come on , John " ( You called him JOHN wonder u deserve a special applause for ur enthusiasm )...

As always I give in . But I should not give him an easy win for JOHN CENA is supposed to win after a tough fight ( or else his pride would be affected ) . So as usual I block some of his blows and push him down on the bed and press him on the bed . He remains helpless for a few seconds after which a deafening "aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgghhhhhhhh , " sound rocks my entire flat .( NO wonder the downstairs mama is not a fan of JOHN Just like how the heroes in our movies suddenly get a spurt of anger on seeing their sister being molested by the goon and break the shackles with a 'aaa' sound my bro suddenly gains power and breaks my grip...he again gives me a kick . The look on his face . Priceless. I wouldnt mind a million kicks for that happiness .

Now I lay back on the bed acting unconscious . But usually the routine is he would ask me for a defeat and he would be declared a winner . But this time , strangely even after a few seconds nothin seemed to be happening . So I secretly opened my eyes and turned back . I saw my bro a few feet above me hanging on my window pane . Oh no . "Daiiiiiii , here I come ," he jumped from there . "AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhh" ...he landed on my back .... and that really hurt ( Ada pavi I thought to myself wondering where the referee had gone ..."kula vilakku " I heard a distant voice from the living I knew where the referee was ( Kula vilakku is the name of the never ending serial which was partly responsible for my broken back that day .....)

"I quit " I shouted ....

John cena aka ashwin stood there , with a priceless expression of ecstasy written all over his face. He had won against the BIG SHOW . He raised his hands and shouted "I won ..." and started jumping . He was the champion and that was his 7 th consecutive victory . He was invincible . The moment of joy , his laughter and his proud look , just made my back pain vanish. These are moments which have been lost in the facades of the complicated process of growing up . We have long forgotten , the art of dreaming that is bestowed in plenty with these innocent minds , those little joys which your credit card could never buy , those joys of winning , the naive confidence that you could 'do' and 'be' whatever you wanted ..... .Well thanks a lot for reminding me of these little but most important things in life . I love you bro . Hope you too dont get lost like 'us'..

And I realised that ,
sometimes the true joy of winning is found in losing too....


  1. wow...interesting!!!!
    p.s:ashwin..aka ASWIN KUMAR:) looks cute :):):)

  2. ashwin.. cutie.. u won more hearts.. cheers :)

  3. ur brother looks just like my nephew aka my love Shriram..... and it reminds me of the wrestling matches between my Bro and Sri (i am usually the refree... ana serial vantha s agatha refree)...

    P.S ur bro looks really cute... chweet looking kiddo

  4. @ all who commented he is cute - obviously ppl simply put he is just like me

  5. Daiiii.....Adangu da.7 donkeys age remember.
    Hee hee,really priceless moments da.Wish i had a cute bro like ashwin..