Jun 26, 2009

It just seems like yesterday....

"Oye you are getting me wet," I shouted as yet another splash of water coming from her kicks across the silent sea drenched me . I kicked back sending the salty water right across her face. "Thu...thu," she started spitting , unable to withstand the salty taste . And a few seconds later both of us were trying different styles of kicks , trying to perfect the one which would help land the maximum amount of water on the other person. And the poses struck while trying these , ranging from the thakida-thaka-thimi-malayala-bhagawathi pose to the Oh-god-I-stamped-a-fresh-cowdung-pose held the attention of a lot many curious passerbys. ... .Soon I was there walking along the shores of besse , drenched like a pig , with the sandals on one hand and the two little soft fingers on the other .The bottom of the jeans which was initially folded in order to resemble the height level of the traditional Patta-patti shorts
(the one worn by Raj Kiran ) had slowly lowered itself and carried loads of wet sand along with it , thereby perfectly supplementing the slow drag of the foot along the shores . We laughed , hit each other in the softest way so as to just about qualify as a 'hit', shouted and again laughed . Honestly , I
don't know why we always laugh ........

The walk neither had a place to start nor a destination , but the nomadic freedom of strolling along the shores in search of the 'nothing' ( maybe because I felt like I had everything) truly made it special . The entire screen of the skies seemed to open themselves , as the stage of the sea shore was all set to witness a little peek-a-boo into one amongst the so many simple yet beautiful moments of our lives .

The waves kept kissing our feet and as they retreated the feet got a little submerged in the sand followed by a wide scattered scampering of the crabs into their holes . This happened for a few times and soon the feet got entirely submerged . And as we took it out , the laughs continued . Those meaningless laughs which had only one reason . Love...We kept walking , as if we were the only ones on the beach having our own special moments . The breeze seemed to follow us wherever we went . The upturned dusty catamarans , the smell of bajjis , the little quiver each time a zephyr sails across the damp parts of the body , the joyous shouts of the children playing merry-go-round , the footprints that you leave behind on the wet sand , the little boys with bright smiles carrying the smell of sundal along with them , The balloons which strew the sands with the help of the beach breeze escaping the wrath of the shooters who stand with wooden guns ,the couples who get cozy in their own world oblivious of the stares of millions around them , the astrologers wanting to have a share of my sweethearts tiny little palms in the promise of predicting a bright future - forming the backdrop , I held her hands whispering the hope of a future ,while the little fingers played around and held to each other promising never to part .

The wet footprints left behind us slowly got washed away under the gentle waves . The never ending horizon loomed across the ocean forming a thin line between the sea and the sky as the sea covered the entire endless stretch that my eyes could span . The wounds of our past slowly healed and vanished just like those footprints with the hope of a future called 'us' slowly embarking upon the horizon .

"Oye ", I placed my palms on her cheeks with my luckiest index finger being the first to touch, and a little-less-luckier middle finger coming second . I slowly hushed away a few strands of her hair which were playing around in the wind and tucked them behind her left ear . She smiled as always . This was the ...err.. I had lost the count as to how many times I had done that on that day . It started a few hours back when we had gone to get her a pair of shades , and each and every time she wore one I used to follow the ritual . Her blush accompanied by the little bend in her curved eyebrows whispering me the unspoken words 'How is it ? "...She looked heavenly irrespective of the shades ..."Oye .. What happened " she shook me as I again went into daydreaming mode .

"Nothing ...its just that I got lost in you , yet again..... ,"I thought

Soon after , with a one leg broken chair holding the plate of beach bajjis , and two other chairs holding us , the madness called love continued , as we savored the 'onion bajjis ' of besse . The conversations which never had a topic for the last two years as always continued too .

It was at this same place a year back she came up with a strange request

"Can you write a poem for me? "

I obliged and immediately went on like ....

"You know what ???"


"I love you a lot !!!!! ....."

No wonder she never spoke about poems from that day onwards .....

And suddenly since I remembered that , I gave her a wink and sending a bajji through my mouth I mumbled

"You know what???"

She gave a naughty look of nostalgia and shouted ,

"I love you a lottttttttttttttttttt.............."

The echoes of our laughter broke through the waves of the ocean ....

I guess those laughs are still alive, lost somewhere amongst the waves of besse and and each and everytime we go to besse , a few more laughs get added to our deposits of love amongst the several others in the waves of besse.....

In the canvass of 'our lives' the splash of colors of hope , love and joy spread as we thanked 'fate'-the artist' , who had indeed done a nice job .. I wish time had just frozen there ....

Those crazy days , meaningless laughs , even-an-ass-hole-would-write-better-than-you poems , aimless walks , never ending drives , heavenly whispers , naughty winks .....

It just seems like yesterday........


  1. wowww...once of the nicest-cutest-sweetest most romantic piece of blog iv ever read....

    really awesome stuff...ppl will definitely start craving to go to the beach after reading this(ofcourse with their girlfriends!!!!)...

    sooper da..keep it up...gives me goosebumps while reading this...(in a good way!!)

  2. :-) :-( This is the best way to express my comment on this piece. I bet ut wud make all those who read it laugh and cry at the same tym .. I dun believe in love.. wen this article cud make me smile i'm sure the rest who hav experienced love will start craving for another visit to besse :-) Hats off :-)

  3. its awsume da...i cant believe u could write so well...i literally had tears in my eyes wen i read this...every entity who knew besse nd had a love would love dis ....nd every entity who dint who of both would live a life to come to know of the feel!!amazing ...:)

  4. thanks manju... feels great to know you were able to relate to it ...after all ,this is what any wannabe-writer craves for ...every chennaiite shares a special bonding with our own besse...Hope it brought out memories of ur great times spent at besse ... please do Keep visiting di...

  5. hey, that was so cute.. so touching. .
    was it a very long time back? how is ur girlfriend now?

  6. kewl... romatic... and loved many useage out of that I pick one
    "In the canvass of 'our lives' the splash of colors of hope , love and joy spread as we thanked 'fate'-the artist' ,...."

    Good goingg..

  7. every lover would b able to relate da.. i liked the way u described her silent eyes talkin/asking questions.. too gud..!----Vasudevan

  8. second comment to the same blog...might sound wierd...couldn resist myself to such an amazing piece o work...dei,seriously u rock da..u have covered every inch of bessi and every inch of a lovers heart...u rock big time dude!!!
    mind blowing...

    P.S:ur outta topics or what???keep filling ur readers life with lotsa "LOVE" :) hoping to read another "ROMANTIC" blog soon..

  9. Arun.. Its a masterpiece da.. especially eyebrows whispering the unspoken words... Simply awesome da..
    Machan... I just saw you online and I clicked on the link you had on ur status message... Your blog was so amazing and it literally walked my mind through your awesome narrations and it made me forget the fact I am in office... and I am so glad that I didnt do any work today.. Ha ha ha.. and I am elated that I spent some value time in reading your blog...Thanks to you....


  10. i loved this! Y did u let her go?