Jun 22, 2009

A litlle bit of life....etc

A girl crying in the middle of central railway station chennai . An angry father accompanied with a shocked mom blasting her . "appa , I am not lying to you . Please trust me " the chocked voice cried ......

Unflushed toilet , deadly smell from the dried shit which would make you pass off koovam as fragrance , amidst this stuck hiding in the toilet was a bespectacled thin lean boy trying different versions of pranayama not being able to grapple with the smell.....

In case you watch tamil flicks , by this time you must have guessed what the story is going to be about..But hold...just read on...

A few weeks back ( in the month of december 2006 ),
the gang as usual ,under the able leadership of mr bajji had zeroed in on yet another useless place namely sweet chariot at the isphahani center in chennai for the usual weekend outing. The usual kalays had begun and as always vani and suppy are the targets . “Guys , I am fed up searching for new places in Chennai ..We need to come up with something new ..” bajji sparked off what happened to be the start of an amusing adventure . “How about going out of Chennai “ , daddy came up with a eureka kinda expression . 3rd year of college , bunking the boring lectures ,unused pocket money , secret trip outside Chennai that too with the girls…the offer was too good to resist …20 minutes of serious discussion and we had decided…Destination Bangalore !!!!

9 different versions of lie for the same cause . The parents were convinced. And everything was planned , right from the journey to the stay . 3 whole days at Bangalore . But as it always happens , there was a small blotch in our proceedings . While we had booked our tickets the names of the 4 girls were not in order but instead in an alternate manner with our names in between. But we were in no mood to retreat and we decided to go ahead .

The day had come . We , the guys were there beforehand and I had the ticket with me . A rough plan was for the girls to somehow manage and send off their parents without allowing them to come inside the station . But with the kind of smart ppl that we had , it was an outright failure …
Vani’s mom , manju’s dad and mom had come inside the station . We took to hiding inside the next compartment .

We hoped that they wouldn’t take the pain to check the chart .
2 minutes left for the train to start . Plan was fine till then .
Everything was fine till then and the train started moving .
“ooooooo…gimme a five “ … The joyous celebrations had begun..

But suddenly the train stopped again . "WTF ...What is wrong with the indian railways "I swore . And suddenly the hero within suppy awakens and he swings out of the compartment a la james bond style ( only the gun was missing ) and peeps over . The coast is clear . No problem guys he signals a thumbs up .

Just a few seconds later came the shock . "Guys your game is up . My mom has found out everything " .The message in my mobile displayed ..
"macha what happened ??".. I flashed my mobile to daddy . And soon the train picked up . And a few minutes later as we went to our compartment we got the shock of our lives . Vani and manju were missin ." They got caught " came the explanation .

There was a silence for the next 5 min .Then slowly "macha , if you dont mind can you pass the lays packet " . That was all it required for us to come out of the so called sad-feel and soon we all feasted on the lays packet still trying to fake a sad face .... "well there is no point cribbing lets go out there and enjoy" was the conclusion ...and once we come back we shall sort things out .

Bangalore arrived and we were soon unloading our bags at the rooms of the hotel . Wow . Finally we are out here all by ourselves . Though there was a little nagging thought about the other two , little did we know about manju, for the fraud that she was , we had underestimated her .
"Guys we r comin there along with vanis mom as you all know that our industrial visit is very important for our internals ...wink ...wink" the message buzzed...She had pulled it off , yet again ...
Vani and Manju joined us the next day ...

Whoaaaaaaa ...We were all together again.......

And what a trip it was ... A disc outing which miserably failed eventually with us landing in a restaurant which we thought was a disc where we had to pay an entry fee and later go back and plead them to return it back , an outing to a temple after which there was a strike called and we had to walk 5 kms back to our hotel ...But inspite of all these debacles -the thanni party , the dancing , those dumb c sesssions , the I-Confide sessions , the millions of photos clicked , the vetaiyadu vilayadu movie , bowling alleys stood the test of time in our memories .

Probably the most daring thing that we ever did as a gang .

I know its a very long time since we all met and the probability of catching up again is very miniscule..

But however the days that I spent with my beloved gang were the best days of my life . I still miss them and at some small corner of the heart the belief that we shall all meet once again still lingers .

We all must have had our own gangs and sadly with the clock ticking by lot many gangs have become a part of history . We would have had millions of misunderstandings , fights , ego , why-did-he/she-do-that questions , but however at the end of it all that matters now are the days we all had spent together under the sunny afternoons with shoulders rubbing together standing as one - THE GANG ...This is dedicated to all the lucky souls of the world who had been or are still a part of the lovely gangs ...

I miss you ppl.....


  1. nice one macha... very nice...

    aana maranduraade.. namba ellam vethu veetu.. :)

  2. aana atha othukka thaan manasu varala ...lol

  3. heyyy.. really funny, liked the lays packet bit.. hhehe.. Miss you guys tooooo// Even now we try our best to hang out da, I can never let it go... The only thing that makes me feel bad is.. a few pple who went that far to do stuff, don't feel that way anymore.

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  5. reminds me of the 2 months i went for training in mysore with my college gang..... we were seen everywhere in karnataka except in the hospital n our hostel

  6. i swear the post was awsume!!very funny!!and still i would like to tel the gang that I LOVE THE GANG!!

  7. Some of the most memorable moments of my life was with the korattur 'gang' tht v had. I can even say tht, tht time transformed me to some extent and made me realise tht I could do things which otherwise was considered taboo until I met up with u guys.

    Really miss those days da. :( Hope v can all meet sometime.