Apr 26, 2009

Changing desires !

1990...(age of 4 )

"Bujju , What do u want to be when you grow up ?" my mom was casually asking me trying to push in, one more handful of food into my mouth...
"Ma I want to be a doctor " I replied enthusiastically .
"Aah thats my boy . I am really proud of you . And may I know why ?? " , she asked curiously.
"To put injection to Appa " I retorted immediately ....

She soon burst into a laughing spree soon accompanied by my dad who was a silent spectator till then eavesdropping the entire conversation ...

"Ma I want to be a doctor "
and thats how it started .......

1996 , (at the age of 10)

It was some function at my place . And as always swarms of my relatives had come . "Do you know me " they would ask . Honestly there were hardly 1 0r 2 that I could recognize . But as per the instructions from my mom I always replied " Oh sure aunty .. How can I forget you "...and thankfully they never asked anything beyond that..But on that day they had an extra question . As soon as they started talking with me my mom would signal them to ask as to whom I would be marrying . "Arun , who will you be marrying ".... "Kushbooo..." I would reply immediately . And what followed was the thunder bolt of laughter...
And they would again repeat the same question and I would still reply " I will marry only Kushboo"..
Seriously at that point of time my only aim in life was to marry kushboo ( sorry SUNDAR C )... And no wonder they laughed . And no wonder I laugh now....

"Ma , I will only marry Kushboo ...."
the flashback keeps flashing across .

2000, (at the age of 14)

"Guruswamy , Monak Chand , Thamarai Chelvan , Sasi and me . Henceforth we shall be called The Pamous Pive "I proclaimed . And each of us placed our palms on top of each other and shouted "The Pamous Pive "...That was the time when I was addicted to novels - three investigators , secret seven , famous five and so on....So no wonder the "Pamous Pive " was my brainchild .

But unfortunately we never had neighbours who smuggled , lonely haunted bungalows where they kept a kidnapped child ( so that we could rescue them ) or secret passages at my home ..So the cases of the "Pamous Pive " included ones like collecting 10 maggi wrappers from each and every dustbin so that you could redeem them for a magic ball , ( the maggi wrappers were soon replaced by 100 lacto king wrappers for a batman pouch ) , finding a shortcut to the next street 'tanjore stores " via a old dilapted haunted bungalow ( Or thats what we thought till the day when the new inhabitants came and caught us while we were jumping over their wall ) or finding where I lost my one rupee coin in the playground for without it we would miss our "one rupee pepsi "( it is much better than our actual pepsi ... one rupee pepsi is nothing but frozen and flavored ice cubes in small plastic packets.... You have to bite on to them and make the ice melt...and obviously it tastes heavenly)

"Ma I want to be a detective "
I thought to myself .....

2008 ( 7 donkeys age )

There was a deep burning smell . I was sure it was not from the gas because I was travelling in a share auto in kolkata to my office . And right in front of me were two gorgeous hotties . And right in the middle of them was the auto wallah ( Arey O... lucky dada )...He turned left , he turned right and he also drived straight . Aaah ....even I was sitting in the center . I looked to my right . Yogi da was sitting and he gave me the usual why-doesnt-it-happen-to-us look . And I turned left . Sriram da was sitting with his eyes focused on the obvious . Now I knew where the burning smell was from .....

"Ma , I now want to be an auto driver " , I sighed ....

Well , the desires do keep changing .What you desired today might not be what you desire tomorrow. But however the heart which desires is always the same . And its human nature to keep desiring .So stop arguing against desires and just let them run free..
And it is these desires that make life truly relishable . Irrespective of how small , how big , how foolish or how clever they are , these desires are always special and provide us with the most cherishable moments in life. .

Keep desiring and smile , come what may....


  1. hey nice one... funny surface with an undercurrent of thought and nostalgia... keep it going bro!

  2. Thanks a ton Arindam...

  3. funny way of telling life's deep philosophies. good one machi . keep it up .

  4. good one da...keep writing!!! :)

  5. hey that was a good start arun... liked it ...

  6. feels great to get a response...thanks dinesh , vaishu and dipu..

  7. reminded me of my changing desires.... so dow to earth and honest....

    P.S I liked the part where u wanted to marry Kushboo....

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  9. Hey nice one da...Loved ur excellent humorous writing especially giving an injection to ur dad.Dunno wat ur dad must have thought of u and the Kolkatta incident....Very humorous man!!
    Keep it up!