May 11, 2009

Life is beautiful

We meet a lot of people in our day today lives . Most of them vanish without a trace ...but however a few , leave indelible traces in our hearts . Well this one is exactly about someone like that ...

For the past one year there has just been one thought that has dominated me the most . When do I resign ??? The reason , I hated my work . To be more precise , I loathed it . Kept dreaming about the day when I would leave this dreaded work and do something I liked .This was not just me but there are many more who belong to this category .But what did I love doing . I didn't know . I Read a lot of self help books which told "Find what u love doing the most and pursue it as your career " . As easy as that . But unfortunately for me , all my passions seemed to have a time line attached to it.. Started with the love of books , and as time passed by lost interest in it and wanted to be a badminton player but soon got lost amidst the competition for survival in my 12th board exams ...later on it was photography , roaming around , bikes , mba and what not ....and now its blogging..God knows how long.."the search is still on and someday , maybe ,I would truly find out what I love.... " I thought. So being disoriented and unsatisfied at the workplace was natural .

My work required me to travel a lot . This time I was in Edappal , a small village in Kerela . I lazed off my bed , fighting with the urge to get more sleep I hurried to my workplace . I had a pleasant surprise . Amidst the old banking people , there was a guy of my age meddling with the computers . I said "What are you doing ?"....." Sir ..I was called for repairing the computer ," ...Since my computer always gave me troubles I thought would learn a trick or two from this guy . "Dont call me , sir me arun ...and how do I call u? "..."Oh k sir ...sorry ..err...arun...I am Abdul kalam..." . Hmmm , does that strike a chord .

Thus began one of the most enlightening friendship that I have ever had . Since I had hardly any work , I started talking to him about what I knew the most , girls . And soon the topics covered politics , the staffs out there , his workplace etc. He was one of the most enthusiastic and fun loving guy that I had ever known . We also had our bird watching sessions in the evening . Truly Gods own country , I blushed in my heart . He told me about how he was a big fan of "Lal ettan" ( mohan lal , the great actor of Mollywood ) and how he used to save money to watch his movies . He described the funny moments he had when he used to go for servicing computers . Truly the knowledge base of old people when it comes to computers can form a new classification under Khushwants Singhs humour books .

But however behind his smiles there was a lot of sadness and struggles which he never showed out . Later on, I got to know from one of the staffs , that he worked 7 days a week , for a salary which was barely enough for him, leave alone supporting his family consisting of his mother and two sisters . His father was a factory worker in Dubai ( The only respite for most of the mallus ) whose earnings he supplemented . His home didn't have electricity for the past six months since they were required to pay 25k for the erection of an electric post .He would need minimum 3 more months to get back the electricity connection . Well this was the face of the other India .But not once , did he complain , blame the government or lament about his low paying job ... An ac room , a decent home , a handsome salary , a bike , a movie twice a week , coffees at coffee day and what not , and there I was , still unhappy and complaining . And here was someone who hadn't seen a tube light for 6 months leave alone an A.C ...And still he had no worries . He had dreams to make it big someday . He wanted to open a computer retail shop one day and wanted his sisters to study and didn't want them to drop out just like how he did due to money constraints .

I took him out for dinner that day to a restaurant and though he was reluctant I forced him to eat heartily . And I sincerely believe , no human has the right to say "No , thanks " to a tandoori chicken leg piece . Though he was much younger to me he had taught me the most important lesson of my life . Life was indeed beautiful as long as you had the dreams and the strength to pursue them . Whatever be your current situation , there are always million things to cherish and be happy . And there are people who are less fortunate than us and the true happiness lies in doing something for them .I have decided that whatever happens , I am going to enjoy and cherish life irrespective of what it has to give me .After all you get to live just once and there are better things to do than complaining ...And truly , Life does seem beautiful . Well , Abdul as of now , except for this leg piece there is not much that I can do for you .
But someday , in the near future , I would definitely see u as a successful businessman and definitely I would do any help within my reach to see you there.

And then came the strange thought...

Maybe the name Abdul Kalam wasn't just a coincidence....


  1. dei nice write up da...was deeply moving...

    u have a charming writing style...kinda seeing the multi talented arun here...photographer...IT proffessional...humour artist...and now a serial blogger...gr8..keep going!!!

  2. hmm... nice work... very interesting... keep them coming bro!

  3. watha !!! machi cool bit of writing.nice lucid style of expression .. and the usual , conveys lots with a pinch of humour. way t go da

  4. @ram
    nice to hear from u after a very long time...thanks for ur comments da...means a lot da...keep visiting machi

    thanks for ur time and support bro...

    thanks for the thoughtful comments da...nice to know that ppl after all, do read my blog amidst their busy schedules...Do drop in frequently da...

    each and every comment really means a lot to me as it lets me know whether I am really able to connect to you...feels great...

  5. arun....clean and neat writing da....the thought was also nice....keep up the gud work...

  6. Hey Arun, nice one dude.. btw, i guess u would have seen the movie by the same title too?? If not, do watch it if u can get your hands on it.. I am sure someone in BIM 25 will have that movie.. Prob Kunal/Jiten/Bharadwaj.. :)

    And keep scribbling.. :)

  7. thanks Yogi da and Devbrat...btw I'v watched that movie and the title was inspired from that..Definitely one of the best I have ever watched ..Do keep coming..

  8. my first comment after lots of Plz..ha ha..

    arun a.k.a (retry) one of the most enthusiastic and fun loving guy that I had ever known..some body made u fell the same words.. lik to c that person dude. i have been constantly checking this fellows blog amid my exams to relax & refresh my memory with joy of good old college dayz..

    dei mama keep blogging..

    ps: i was waiting for a blog from u titled "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL" wen u told me last week abt this awe inspiring movie.

  9. hey of THE best blogs eva...mindblowing :)...ur thought process is AMAZING!!!!...keep blogging...

  10. Excellent write up dude :)

    Our writing style is similar in some way, just that i use excessive humor, urs has a touching touch !!!

    Anyways keep posting..Nd such coincidences save life from being dull n predictable !!

    Do visit and leave ur comment and be a follower, if u want me as ur follower too :)

    DEAL ?? :D

  11. touched different emotions at the same time... keep up


  12. hi arun...

    really touching one..

    and your writing style is amazing, and the way to convey your thought is really superb,

    in our day to day life many a time we come across such a unfortunate people but such incidents sometimes change our way of living the life

  13. Kudos to ur arun...Excellent writing..Was deeply moving da..Wish the guy becomes a big guy in life like our arun....

  14. Bestieeeeeeeeee:):):)

  15. Thanks a ton Meena...its been a long time since I updated my blog and ur comment has spurred me to write again..will update soon..Do keep comin..n thanks once again

  16. Good one....I simply loved the line " And I sincerely believe , no human has the right to say "No , thanks " to a tandoori chicken leg piece"....