May 19, 2009

Before-the-exam moments !!!

"Oh shit , I still have got 4 more unit's to complete and still just one more day to go " , the perspiration started showing on my otherwise stoic face . I looked at the clock - the hour hand seemed to be in a hurry because three hours had just passed by and I was still stuck with the weird diagram of an electrical circuit . Though I don't believe in mythological stories , I believe the art of turning pages while studying for an exam would come closest to the current version of Akshaya Pathiram . They simply , keep on coming . And no wonder my mind thinks of all these weird comparisons before an exam ...

"watha , u bloody motherfucker 'induction motor ' " I swore at the diagram in my textbook. I was fed up . I dont care the f*** , how u rotate , how u start or about anything else you do . Strange as it is , I guess the lone piece of induction motor hanging above me heard it, as it stopped suddenly . Holy shit , the current had gone ( courtesy arcot veeraswamy , our electricity minister ) . Another hour passed by as I stood by my balcony and went on a killer spree killing each and every mosquito which came in my way with the electric bat . And each time , I killed one , the spark would come and my young brother ashwin would clap . I gave a wicked laugh relishing the killing spree . "That one has escaped " my brother pointed to one notorious mosquito which tried escaping from me . I chased it . "Daaaaaaaaaai " I ran behind it . "aaaaaaahhhhh" a loud sound of someone crashing on the floor came . "loose "( a moment of truth in pain is what I would call it !!!) my brother ajith yelled out before giving me a kick . "Aaaaaahhh" now it was my turn . Suddenly there was a big spark . The lights turned on and the same-under-curse induction motor starts revolving . "Aaaahhaaaaaa" we shouted in unison as the breeze from the khaitan fan gave us a welcome relief from the heat .Simply put , "aaaaaaaaaa" vilirunthu "aaaahaaaaaaa varai ... ( By this time you must be shouting "aaaaaa" after reading such a P.J , else if you are a ardent follower of tamil movies especially the vijaykanth genre , it would be "DAIIIIIIII , mariyathaya come to the topic ")

Coming back to the so-called story ,the four units still remained . I again took the heavy weights in the form of my books with a deep "sigh" , to the extent, that would have made it obvious to my mom sitting in the next room that I didnt brush my teeth . But it was fine ,as long as she didn't find out that ,I hadn't taken my bath . Oh No , its 11 . Its the "Kadalai Time " ( the only time when I am punctual ). the cell phone buzzed with the obvious name flashing on the tiny screen . Machan , please dont waste time else definite "govinda !!! govinda !!! " - the inner voice spoke . "Cha , silly fellow " I told and suppressed him .

"Oye , I've got lots to study . so we will wind up in ten minutes and another help , You got to wake me up at 4 in the morning ," I told her slightly terrified about the repercussions ."Sure da" she replied . She had agreed . I still couldn't believe it was her . Man , I can never understand these girls . After what looked like a few minutes , she spoke few words which froze the skin under my blood ."Oye , I guess you have saved me the trouble of waking you up at 4. Its already 3 . 30 " My entire body became numb .It just seemed as if we just started . Well thats the magic which only girls can perform and in my case it was much easier . Words struggled to come out of my mouth , felt as if someone had stuck a fresh , round piece of dung into my mouth and on top of it was drilling it with a rod ( honestly not only the mouth rather at a part which ends my digestion process) . I quickly said goodbye and the numbness in my body slowly moved towards my brain and soon I was fast asleep .

"Wake up ," I saw the unclear round face of my mom and after a ninety degree turn I saw yet another round face showing 10.30 . "Oh shit " ( not the literal meaning , and the timing was just a coincidence ) I jumped on the bed . And in five minutes I was ready for the last phase of the battle . The pages turned , the books interchanged and as always the head spun .

The climax was nearing . It was a losing battle . Amazingly , the clock struck 5 . Well whats-your-bloody-hurry look sprang up my face when I stared at the clock, as always cursing it . "OK its not working " I thought to myself .Now for the final savior . I took the savior as delicately as I could in my palms , my eyes gleamed with evil pride and wickedness . The dull pages of the torn previous year anna univ question booklet cast its shadow covering my entire pupil . The battle is not yet over . We Fight till we die - a chorus rang through my head as the inner me had gathered a crowd . 15 questions and thats it . And the rest shall be put to ' rest ' . The marathon began and finally ended with the books getting piled over my face as I got buried amongst them slowly at midnight.

The next day dawned and a few hours later , when I was just about to enter the exam hall ,

"god , help me get above 90" a poor padips girl was praying .
I gave an Ayoo-what-a-pity smile .( didnt know whom to pity )
I murmured something to myself . Curious huh . Well here it goes - " vantha malai pona may***" ( sorry wont be able to translate . anyway let me try, "If it clicks its a mountain else its hair gone "... late realization I shouldn't have translated I grinned and entered .

Well the rest they say is history . Honestly , how much ever we loathe exams , when played back in the memory they always are special and enjoyable. The fun and the moments they provide us are worth every bit of the effort .Everyone has their own Before-the-exam traumas and debacles , but finally after all the struggles , the joy of seeing that '"pass " on your mark sheet .. truly priceless....I hope you ppl reading this would be reminded of your 'before exam moments' except for the rare case that you belong to the padips category ( who knows even they might have some stories . Its a funny world with funny ppl . U never know ). And I am sure each of you have an interesting story and would probably be smiling thinking of those lovely days . Well , do stay in the same mood and keep smiling while I return soon .

P.S: I did pass the exam . ahem ahem .... Just pass !!!!


  1. Reminded me of my exam days....u made me very very nostalgic...sigh

  2. Reminded me of the one exam i just passed... the social science exam in 4th std... Phew prepared for the exam but didnt realise that i had studied the wrong set of lessons.... eppadiyo pass agiten (pass pannathuku romba santhosha patten)

  3. hehe nice one!.... my xams on... going thru a similar phase..... i hope i will pass too.....

  4. thank u ppl..good to see that u ppl got reminded of ur exam days ..I guess the story is the same everywhere ..cheers

  5. Nice blog da!!!My exam days were similar to u but the only difference is tht I start studying only at 5'o clock the previous day. Hee hee

  6. Very nice!!!! memories about exams r stil green(not jus coz it got over only yesterday, but coz of so much trauma undergone b4 evey sem!!!) N trus me!! ve never ever written a paper without swearin those motors or any electrical diag for the matter!!! N of course cursing the dumbest of brains which sets the syllabus!!! keep writing!!!

  7. wah...u have beautifully captured the essence of a persons feelings right before d exams..its perfect...good work :)

  8. Ha ha...Nice one.
    Just got reminded of the fun sessions we used to have just before entering the halls, pissing everyone off. Wonder how many of them cursed us then.
    Sappi's writing sessions an hour before the exam...Gutsy (You know who) getting overly scared about the outcome of each exam....And not to forget Daddy's "Naangalam evalovo paathutom" look....The memories are still ripe!!Damn miss those days.

    Btw, good write-ups - neat and simple. Will definetely consider your credentials for my production venture. :P:P:P

  9. @db
    Aah macha can I forget those days da ...The eee block and that comedy sessions before the exams ...I hope u remember what saps did once with few chemical gals sittin besides us ...can never forget gutsy's face b4 the exams...That one final laugh we give and the dialog "macha nama overa sirikkaromnu ninaikiren " memories r still fresh da...n dont forget my request for some behind the scenes action with ur production venture