Dec 22, 2009

Musings of an idle mind ...

Sometimes even the most humiliating questions lead to the most enlightening moments of your life . It was a long day . A very long one to be precise as I sat there waiting on a dust laden bench in pune railway station with a please-gimme-atleast-one-biscuit longing dog staring at me as I finished the last 'good day' biscuit . Well , the biscuits name strangely seemed to be mocking at me as I got reminded of the day ....

It was yet another interview , yet another pursuit for the MBA madness..Unfortunately , these gentlemen in the panel were interested in what I learnt in engineering( However I appreciate the thought !!! feels nice ) ... I struggled to remember a few basic theorems he had asked in electrical engineering (5 years is a really looong time...And phew ,what a eureka moment to realise that ) and of course later followed by a How-does-it-work question with his fingers pointing out to any object remotely connected to electricity in the room or rather was kept near an electrical plug point . I stared at him , with an inner voice replyin 'boss I am not your I-read-daily-lessons and an-electrical-engineer-is-what-I-always-wanted-to-be kinda guy , I am a normal , yet another part of the humble race of ppl who open their books a day before the exams , curse the author , drink the magic potion "tea" to stand against the travails of a closing eyelid and finally at the end of it all find the true joy in life when they see the P- for pass in their results"....Not even the such- deep-indepth knowledge ( ahem...ahem...) that I gained during my insightful engineering years came to my
help , as the two years of life as a software professional had robbed me of the remaining so-called-electrical-knowledge .

"Kripya , dhyan dijiye " an abrupt voice ended my flashback . I flexed my muscles and lifted the huge bag that I had containing a shirt , a pant and my underwear . The girls stood there wowed at my ability to lift such a huge bag with such an ease . Or so I thought as the only other specimen whom I had previously introduced to you "the dog " ...yup the same one which was after my good day biscuit gave a bark which said "you better get lost before I ....(censored) "..

Thus with such a nice farewell I boarded the train and soon after was lying on the top berth enjoyin the little wafts of air which these old fans strangely still seem to produce .

Somewhere deep inside I was feeling a little bad for screwing the interview . And the question dawned " So what exactly was engineering all about if it was not for the circuits , motors or whatever ????

And slowly I drifted away ...

Those increasing ‘lub-dub’ sounds of my heart when I bunked a class for the first time in my life , those “macha , quick da ...the watchman might see us “ shouts as I crawled beneath the fence which was neatly cut by some kind hearted senior just enough for me to pass excluding my tummy , and after a 5 minute extreme-yoga-inhaling session I managed to pass through but unfortunately my jeans bore a small hole which would go on to become the only remains of the history of adventurous bunkings that followed , and those long journeys back to the city to watch ‘our kinda’ movies ....Those “wowwwwww.......” exasperation as we stood in the middle of satyam theatre gaping at mallika sherawat scorching the screens in Murder ,those few shouts that followed from behind which meant we better find our seats else the name of the movie might not just remain a coincidence ...Those gossips which went about the college as to who was with whom , and what did x do with y while z went on with q ....soon the gossip section at the end of the four years stood like – ABCDEFG ...XYZ and you just had to keep rearranging them ...those laments about ‘wont we ever get a girl friend ‘ ...those 5 minute glances at unknown faces and those 1 in a million probability where they get returned ....those classes which taught you the art of sleeping with eyes wide open , those gruelling lab sessions , record writing and finally those vivas where you learn the philosophy ‘when a rape is inevitable , its better to lie back and enjoy “ ...Those lovely friendships which you make ...a few which last ...a few which don’t ...the joy of discovering the chillness of the sea in a late evening at marina , those days when I felt why couldn’t life just stay like this as I blew the smoke from the lemon flavoured hookah ...the smoke that made everything around hazy , unclear but yet a sense of inner peace somehow strangely seemed to be there as the world that I had always known disappeared ... the juice shop at nungambakkam which provided the perfect inspiration to all our life’s useless philosophies on girls , beer ,bikes and porn...those cremation ceremonies for many a chicken at our own Loyola fast food ...those placement blues ...those gre,cat madness ...those football matches which took us through an entire year....Those love affairs , those fights , those disappointments , those failures ...Those inevitable fightbacks against life , just barely managing to stand after a lots of falls... Those once- in- a -blue -moon good scores ...and those......

Oops , I have reached Chennai and thanks to the benevolent soul who shook me up and ended the ‘happy-days’ movie of my life...

I slowly woke up as the answer dawned

So what exactly was engineering all about if it was not for the circuits , motors or whatever ????

“Two days with a 100 bucks second hand bakshi textbook from the moore market , and I would have answered each and every “how does this crap work “ questions.....But those lovely memories and moments of these 4 years ...hmmmm... College wasn't just about the motors ,the circuits ,the labs , thesemester exams ,the placements ....Its was about something else

It was about life....

And boy , I did live mine !!!!


  1. boss! the ending brought a smile on my face! it was toooo gud! living with the moments where we LIVED life is truly wonderful! nice post.. :)

  2. hey Arun..'Musings of an idle mind' rocks..reading this blog gave me the same amount of exultation that i got upon reading '5 point someone' made me re-read it over n somehow established a chord with my own coll life..n there, I was nostalgic..reminiscing my good old coll daya...great job mate!

  3. machan.. I never knew you could write so well :) Keep it up da... I am getting this strong sensation that you might write an "A" class novel some day!

  4. wht i've noticed all along is tht u manage to find amazin pics for all ur blogs!! keep it up!

    PS: good post too. :P

    PPS: wht i could also make out from this blog was tht this time too u dint get a good looking girl in ur bay in the train :)

  5. @pipe
    good to see u back after a long time takes me more time to get a pic than 2 write..good that finally some1 noticed :)..and the gal part ...hmm , I guess wow-a-babe-sat-near-me stories r only meant for the movies ...sobs

  6. @ajay
    macha its been ages since I heard from u ..thks for dropping in..n btw i do not know wat kind of an 'A' class writer u were referrin to ...*grin*..Do keep comin bak

  7. @anjitha
    Hey thanks a ton !!! ...feels nice when someone keeps following ur posts n gets back with a comment ..

  8. @ranjith
    macha that was way too good a praise for me ...anyway feels great to know that it struck a chord with u :)...thanks n do keep comin back when u find time

  9. Good one da.. refreshing post!.. loved readin it.. Your style is very fresh and casual!. will follow ur blog regularly now on..

  10. hey dude awesome da!!! u r provin ur writin skill time n again!!! :) absolutely luved this post!! writin comes so naturally to u!! i luv d flow!! n of course, how can one forget d bakshi days!!! damn!! other than exams, col life was kewl!! thanks for bringin back mine, alive in my thoughts.. even if its for a split sec, its worth relivin!! :)

  11. you seem to be a pro at blogging... amazing flow and simple awesome... one of the best blogs am reading after ages.. !! kudos !!

  12. @abi
    thanks di..Nice to see u back after a long time :) u better visit regularly

  13. @jaggu
    only an electrical engineer knows what another electrical engineer goes 2 hear that it did bring back ur college days ...thanks for dropping by and do keep visiting

  14. @scandy
    thats probably one of the best compliments I ever got...thanks a lot ...u made my day ...and do keep visiting :)

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  16. maan,amazing blog...and too many cool comments...i guess this is one of ur best works eva...looks like u have sculptured ur entire college life in just a few hundred words...i must agree,its too appropriat & WOWWW...

    keep writing...

    Vaishu :)

  17. Haha!! MBA Placements, Uncles who refuse to give you a job! I so know what it feels like.
    Under grad is always fun!
    Good Luck with job hunting!

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  19. You've got an awesome flow in writing!! Kalkura da:)
    I guess am getting addicted to your blogs. I've been doing nothing but reading your blog the whole day... my whole cubicle actually!! You've become a HERO among my people here.

    We are waiting for your next blog....