Oct 6, 2009

Romancing with Life ...

Garishly painted walls , dim lights which find their way through the smoke filled air , blaring sounds from an old radio , broken chairs and ....

Long back at the same place...

"Watha" I slammed against the table "why the fuck did she do this to me machan ". The unusual silence greeted my anger...everyone around me kept quiet .....

Not long back ..

"machan ...she is back with me ...ummale finally machan ...can u believe it guys...she is back ...she is mine ...just mine...oooooooooooo" the ecstatic shout echoes through the small place as my clenched fist punched across the air with joy....

at sometime I dont remember ...

"Aah finally , its all over machan ...we are engineers ....we made it...no more exams ..no more labs ...no more machines ..no more circuits ...aahaaaaaaaaa feels like heaven ..."

at a time which I wish to forget

"machan I am placed in a software firm...whoaaa.....loads of money...foreign trips ..team parties ..pubbing...partying..n of course girls machan...ooooooo" I kept dreaming on the same broken chair . ( I still pity myself for all those dreams....silly me )

A few months back ,

"This IT field is killing me . I am going to do an MBA ...dont ask me why ...honestly I dont know ...But I have decided ..."I took a decision admist the hazy smoke at the same place...

exactly 4 months back ,

" I am no more a software engineer ...I am a student once again...aah ..finally back to college ..err not exactly a college but to a school ...a B school ...whatever ...watha its back to good old fun times " I kept smiling ...and of course at the same place ...

Well WTF am I coming at ...

Honestly , there is absolutely nothing philosophical coming up to interrelate all these incidents . So rest assured . There is just one little common thing .

All these took place at the same place and were followed by the same dialogue .

A dialogue which never changed though the times had changed . A dialogue which shall always remain forever irrespective of whichever stage I pass through in life . A dialogue which stood the test of time and forever etched itself in my life to become eternal .A dialogue which represented the aftermath of every emotion I went through in life - love , hate , failure , success , frustration , hope and joy .

And its time I let the world know those magical words ...

and it goes like


(bro , 1 plate chilli chicken plz )

And honestly , if it weren't for those lovely chilli chickens at our own roadside-fast-food-centers where each and every important incident of my life were either celebrated or brooded over , life would never have been the same .

Sorrows or joy , failures or success , rejection or acceptance .....all these come and go ...But make sure you dont lose out on these occasions to have the inevitable "chilli chicken". With a chicken out there on our plates we shall take a vow to believe in life , to enjoy our good times , to laugh our hearts out , to take failures in our stride , to stand back each and every time we fall , to make the best out of what life has to offer , to celebrate our freedom and at the end of it .....ummm errr .....Of course , eat the chicken on our plate ...what else !!!

This is dedicated to all those lovely souls who shared their glories and falls in life with a plate of chilli chicken at our very own street fast food centers .....


  1. Different milestones in the past few years very well depicted, I bet all of us have similar experiences, and a chilli chicken somewhere with someone which makes it seem like you can face anything again :) Good one !

  2. Chicken soup for.. idhu.. i mean chilli chicken for Arun huh? nice writing style.. :)do continue!

  3. @someday's dreamer & Anjidha
    Thanks a ton :)...do keep visiting..

  4. Good one.. Chilli chicken huh?? Should taste them someday.. Good blog.. I'm blog rolling you Arun..

  5. Something to look back makes us feel better...It kicks back some morale..something that we long for and strive for..through out our life..

  6. Dai naye trichy la chilli chicken kedaikalaya?? Ore feelingsa irukkudhu un post. Remember anna nagar ABBA, loyala fast food, arabian delights something.... hehehe nice places in anna nagar :P. and the one opposite to K4 police station i forgot the name..

  7. @rajalakshmi
    thanks a lot for blogrolling me ...and in case u havent tasted chilli chicken yet , u better do it rightaway :) ...never postpone good things in life :)

  8. @yeshraj
    very true...the past always seems to have a magical effect whenever u recollect them...

  9. @ram
    macha i really miss abba chilli chicken and our treats ...the one u were reffering to is qwality fast food ...wish i could get back to our good old days !!!!

  10. Chilli chicken paithyame .. u lik it even aftr eatin @ BIM ???

  11. Arun write smethin abt our staff and our FRPA ppr :-P.. jus vent out all pur frustration also :-)

  12. @divya
    adi pavi ... no college politics inside the blog plzzzzzz :)

  13. Like your posts, your choice of pictures are also good :)