Sep 17, 2009

But , Why me ??

Little did I know three months back , while I was having one of my yet-another-kumbakarna sleep in the afternoon , that soon sleep would become one of the most scarcest and sought after luxury . Thanks to my eventful entry into the 'much sought after ' B-School life. With exams taking their toll for the entire week I finally managed to get some sleep , as my eyes slowly dropped dead ,hidden amongst the pages of my marketing book . Though it wasn't intentional , nevertheless ,it was heavenly . Aah ... The good old sleep ....the good old honor of spreading your legs ,arms and enjoying the breeze of the dust laden ceiling fan , the good old cuddling and tossing around in the weirdest of positions , the good old nayanthara and preity zinta running behind me ...The good old dirty dreams ....the good old saliva drooping from the borders of my mouth finally finding its destiny in my dirty pillows ...Sometimes in life even the most simplest of things turn out to be the most enjoyable ones.

But as someone said , good things never last for too long . At some time , must be early in the morning , not sure , but since I was in the final stages of my dirty dreams it must be logically the morning ( Aaha ...I have already started applying my MBA brains ) . A shrill noise suddenly shrieked through my ears giving a strange vibration across my head ...Was it nayan or preity ...were they getting naughty ... must be ...or maybe not I realized , as I soon picked up my phone and fought for sometime trying to open my eyes to read the message ....

"Oye wife , had a great talk yesterday night..dont you want to wake me up with a coffee ....I love you so much wife ...Ummmhaaah"


WTF !!!!!!

As usual this weird friend of mine had sent the message intended for his girl friend to the poor-me .....

The clock showed 6 am . "Why this ratha veri machan" , I kept thinking ...

I slowly took my mobile ....
and typed

"watha ... A$$ H@*e "....

And thats the least I could do , before I slowly sat up looking dejectedly at my marketing book .

Good bye nayan ....Good bye my dear 'heavenly sleep '.........

Its back to study time folks ....

Will be back soon , once my midterms are over ...meanwhile you ppl keep having fun !!!!


  1. hahahahahaha!!!!

    i never know arun could speak such languages!!

    couldn't stop laughing on seeing Visu's message!

    hehehe :D

    embarrassing for both of them!!

    BTW,don't drool thinking of Nayan n preity again... or else ur friend will send you the same message!

  2. And here is Arun reading Phillip Kotler's crap ... wasting away all his glorious years (youth) of his on not doing what he should do .. :P

    Was a refreshing post, it reminded me of too many thing too ;)

    And my blog stand updated .. waiting for your comments... it seems years ... you haven't been to my blog :(

  3. Hope friend of yours woke up with coffee.. :) hilariously funny..expressive

  4. I can so totally understand what you are going through. Trust me, you're not the only one. With 12hours spent outside everyday, and managing only 4-5 hours of sleep, I just keep waiting fro a Saturday so that I can sleep longer than usual!

  5. hahaha.. indeed a good one! Keep writing buddy! I am following your blog now :)